Supreme & Palace Bot

Main features

One bot - Two sites

Pay only once and get access to the bot, which is compatible with Supreme and Palace sites. We support EU & US stores.

Annual subscription

Unlike other bots, we charge for the whole year, not only one season. As a result, SafeDrop is one of the cheapest bots available!

Add items easily

Adding items never was that easy! Keywords are not needed, choose items directly from SupCommunity and Palace Range.


Our program fills in all your billing and shipping information in milliseconds. Don't waste time filling all data on your own!

Palace queue bypass

Never lose your items again because of getting stuck in a queue. Thanks to a unique SafeDrop option you will be able to bypass it.

Supports multi-item

Don't worry if you want to buy multiple items during one drop, our program adds to basket and checkout as many items as you want to.

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Use on multiple devices

SafeDrop is capable of working on multiple devices at the same time. No specific OS is needed, the only requirement is Google Chrome.


During drop, you can be away from keyboard. Schedule tasks and leave the bot running. It will automatically start working and buy chosen items.

Checkout profiles

Easily save and use multiple sets of shipping and billing information. Save yourself some time.

Free updates

The developers regularly work to keep our software up-to-date. Any new features or updates will always be free.

Disable images

To make the bot even faster, you can disable images. Even without them our bot is able to work properly.

Proxy support

Are you going to use multiple Chrome profiles? Our bot supports proxy, so you can change your IP address within seconds.

Detailed logs

After every drop you can check detailed logs to get very specific data, including all timestamps, order of actions etc.

User manual included

In case of any doubts how to configure bot, you can always check in the manual, where everything is thoroughly explained.


All your personal information is stored locally on your computer. Our bot doesn't send any data anywhere.




What makes SafeDrop better than other bots?

SafeDrop is an advanced, powerful and professional software with many features. At the same time it's cheap and really easy to use.

Which operating systems is your bot compatible with?

SafeDrop doesn't need any specific OS. The only requirement is updated Google Chrome, which makes it possible to use on MacOS / Linux / Windows and others.

What countries do you support?

We support USA and EU stores.

How I will get proper keywords?

You don't have to worry about keywords. You can add items directly from Palace range and SupCommunity.

Do you provide any tutorials, guides how to configure the bot?

Yes, our bot comes with a detailed user manual. Additionally, we upload video-tutorials to our YouTube channel.

What if Supreme or Palace sites get updated?

We will adjust our program as fast as possible. All updates are free and will download automatically.

Do you plan to add more features?

Of course! We want to release one big update every month. If you have any ideas for future updates you can always send us a message.

Can I buy more than one item during drop?

Yes, you can add as many items as you want. Please remember that for really hyped drops, we suggest setting one item per task.

Does the bot solve captcha?

Our software automatically clicks and requests captcha, but doesn't solve it if there is additional protection. Remember that if you are logged in to your Google Account you won't get any captcha.

Can I use SafeDrop on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, but you have to be logged in to the same Google Account.

Does free version auto-buy items?

No, free version only improves Supreme and Palace sites design. It marks all sold out items, shows prices, increases fonts, disables transitions etc. Try it before buying full version. Of course, full version includes all features from the free one.

Do you have any other questions? Send us a message!


Improved sites design

Auto-buy items

Autofill billing and shipping data

Palace queue bypass



Improved sites design

Auto-buy items

Autofill billing and shipping data

Palace queue bypass